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Church History- Philosophy- 2013- a

CHURCH HISTORY- PHILOSOPHY- 2013- A   1856- FOR THE BIRDS     Late happy father’s day to all you dads out there.   Yesterday I got up early and went to Wal Mart- I wanted to get presents for my girls and do a kind of raffle at my oldest daughter’s house [Bethany].   I … Continue reading

Church History- Philosophy- 2013- b

CHURCH HISTORY- PHILOSOPHY- 2013- B     1954  DON’T MOVE THE ROCKS   I want to cover a few things today- not sure how much we will get to.       A few months ago I kept having a ‘thought’- I was thinking about a church/ministry that I have known for years.     … Continue reading

Church History- Philosophy- 2013

CHURCH HISTORY- PHILOSOPHY- CURRENT- 2013       1989  WHO SAYS YOU CANT GO HOME- Bon Jovi   2-22-13   Sold the Van yesterday.   Yeah- at least I took the NY-NJ trip before the sale.     I bought the van new in 97- never actually used it to sleep in on a road … Continue reading

Atheism- Apologetics- 2012

ATHEISM- APOLOGETICS- 2012- A     1946 JEWS TEACHING SCIENCE- WHAT IS THIS?   I want to try and cover a little bit more on Einstein.     But just a few quick notes.   The last few days- as I have watched some of the post election coverage- I find it funny how the … Continue reading

What in the world is the church?

[STUDY] WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ‘THE CHURCH’?  most recent-   These entries show the idea of ‘church’ as being the functioning people versus the separate organization. I also stuck a bunch of stuff on leadership in here as well. NOTE- some entries specifically speak on the subject of ‘church’, others are just a feel … Continue reading

Reformed, Orthodox, Catholic- a

REFORMED, ORTHODOX, CATHOLIC- A   1790- DEMOCRACY?     I read a statement from the French President- Nicholas Sarkozy. He was speaking about the dire situation in Syria [Syria has been fighting rebels in a city called Homs- they have been using deadly heavy artillery to bomb buildings and homes- many civilians have died].   … Continue reading

Recent stuff- f

RECENT STUFF- F   (1442) WHAT ABOUT THE ARIZONA LAW?  This week Arizona passed one of the most restrictive immigration laws in the nation. Many have opposed the new law; there is so much speculation by the media that it’shard to get to the truth. I personally would be against any law that made a … Continue reading

Recent stuff- e

RECENT STUFF- E   [1589] THE KINGS SPEECH- Okay- I didn’t see the movie yet [though it’s supposed to be good] and I also didn’t watch President Obama’s speech the other night- but of course I heard the usual spin from the right and the left. From the snippets I did catch- it seems like … Continue reading

Recent stuff- d

RECENT STUFF- D   [1665] MEMORIAL DAY   First I want to honor our men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country [and other countries]. This past week I have read/watched lots of stuff about the things our guys go thru when they come back from the field. A sad story of … Continue reading

Recent stuff- c

RECENT STUFF- C   [1730] I HAVE PRAYED FOR YOU         Let’s try and close the week with some bible stuff- I might hit on a few news stories that are important- but let’s start with some scripture.   Today  I had a good prayer time- If I get up at 3:30- … Continue reading

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