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I’m watching the movie ‘God is not dead’ right now- it actually is good. So far [about half way thru] they do cover the basic arguments for the existence of God- from a scientific view. The scene just showed the atheist professor telling the Christian kid [who is debating him in his own class] ‘I’ll … Continue reading


 HEBREWS- 2015- VIDEO LINKS INCLUDED HEBREWS 1-3 The next few weeks I’ll be teaching from an old commentary I wrote a few years back [2007-8]- The notes at the bottom of the chapters- and post- are new [as well as the videos]. https://ccoutreach87.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/4-12-15-hebrews-1-3.zip   NEW NOTE- In the study of the bible- there are debates … Continue reading


ROMANS- 2015- VIDEO LINKS INCLUDED ROMANS 1-3 https://ccoutreach87.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/2-3-15-romans-1-3.zip I want to make a note here- since last week’s video I saw the movie AMERICAN SNIPER- I also read more comments on this subject. In the video I mentioned how Chris said in his book he ‘hates all Iraqi’s’- now- I read excerpts- as well as … Continue reading

WISDOM- WAR- AND WORLD EVENTS- [ I want to make a note here- for those who have followed my posts/videos about my dealings with Police issues in C.C.- Chief Simpson died in May- 2015. It was a shock to the city- and many good words were spoken about him. I believe the chief was a … Continue reading

THE NATO PROPHECY? [plus- New Things for a New Year- this year WILL BE A YEAR OF CHANGE FOR YOU!- and some Socrates at the end.]   https://ccoutreach87.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/1-6-15-draw-me-a-picture-gods-set-time-socrates-too.zip https://ccoutreach87.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/albert-on-his-guitar.zip Last week in the video I noted [Don’t know why to be honest- just ‘came up’] That Russia has a reason to fear NATO- and the … Continue reading

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