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I’m watching the movie ‘God is not dead’ right now- it actually is good.

So far [about half way thru] they do cover the basic arguments for the existence of God- from a scientific view.

The scene just showed the atheist professor telling the Christian kid [who is debating him in his own class] ‘I’ll ruin you’!

The professor is played by Kevin Sorbo- aka Hercules [I liked him- back Then! But hell- now he’s an atheist!]

So- as you all know- I talk to myself- out loud- quite a bit [I confessed that before].

And when he told the kid ‘what are you gonna do about it!’

Old Hercules grabbed the kid- I said ‘I’d kick your ass right now!’

If that were me.

O well- I guess that means Sorbo is a better actor then I thought.

Try and watch the movie- it’s good.


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