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Samuel 9

https://vimeo.com/175115835 Samuel 9
https://youtu.be/hGE5IW7DfkY Nice bombing [can you solve my riddle?]
7-18-16 Cop killing https://youtu.be/726TuGZv_Hk
CORRECTION- On the video I posted the other day- I said the bombing was Paris- it was actually Nice [In church history a famous council was held here- but I posted the video quick- so made the mistake].
[new notes below on Samuel 9- and the cop killing in Baton Rouge]
ON VIDEO [Samuel 9]
.AA encounter at HEB
.The purge 3
.Interview with Assad
.Water boarding bad!
.Killing with gun or bomb- Great!
.Chemical weapons bad!
.Nuclear bombs- years of radiation sickness- and actual annihilation of hundreds of thousands of men- women and children- Great!
.Japan surrenders- great!
.We dropped notices they surrendered- and along with the leaflets- came more bombs.
.Did you know that?
.Is that just?
.Yes- I broke the watch
.16 cents for your ‘on-line’ prophecy?
.Prophets or Seers?
.Padre Pio in Jersey City
.Imposter police dog? [yes- it’s true]
.Kingsville forgave the thief

NEW STUFF- as I write [7-18-16] this is the day after the Cop killing in Baton Rouge. I mention it on today’s video [cop killing] and have been talking/posting about it since yesterday.
I was celebrating my birthday- born on 7-17-62- as I watched the news.
The shooter was a Marine- born on 7-17-87.
He did the killings on his birthday.
MSNBC news was initially reporting it was a possible act of conservative White Christians- sort of like a Tim McVeigh type thing.
I was puzzled because he killed 3 cops in Baton Rouge- where just last week video surfaced of cops killing a Black man.
And a few days earlier another black veteran killed 5 Dallas cops.
It seemed to be a reaction to the viral videos of Blacks being shot by cops.
But- as I watched MSNBC they spoke of the shooter being aligned with White Christian conservative type groups- and yet- he shot cops In Baton Rouge.
So- obviously I figured the shooter was White- because of their narrative.
Then they revealed the name of the shooter- but not his race.
Ok- guess he must be White.
They continued with a narrative that said this was not the result of a Black man who might be mad at White cops- but more than likely he was an anti-Government conservative [Christian] who was against the police- sort of like a KKK member.
Then of course the other media outlets came out and said he was Black- that he posted about being upset about people being abused by the system [cops] and he made the statement ‘this is how we deal with bullies’.
Obviously effected by the video- of a cop who shot into the car and killed a Black man- when there was a 4 year old Black girl in the back seat.
So- the entire spin MSNBC was trying to sell [I guess they were hoping no one would ever find out it was a Black man] was not concerned with reporting- but they even used the tragedy of 3 cops being shot- for their own political agenda.
Ok- on SAMUEL 9-
Saul goes looking for his dads lost donkeys- and after a few days- he tells his servant ‘let’s go back- we will never find my dad’s donkeys- and he will start to worry about us’.
But first they decide to seek the advice of a ‘famous’ prophet who lives in the area.
His name is Samuel.
As they go to the town where he might be- the girls say ‘yeah- he’s coming today because they have a special religious ceremony going on’.
I wonder why?
Saul and his servant find Samuel- and they ask his advice.
Now Samuel has been preparing this special meal- but only those invited can come.
The city was kind of excited ‘wow- wonder what this is all about’?
Samuel invites Saul and his servant- everything is ready.
And when Saul shows up- Samuel has him sit in the top chair.
Yes- God already showed Samuel that Saul was to be Israel’s first king.
The whole party was for him- and he didn’t even know it!
Samuel tells Saul ‘get your mind off the donkeys- they are found’.
And he gives him the special food that was being prepared all night.
He tells Saul ‘eat what is left’.
At the end of the chapter Samuel tells Saul ‘let the servant go on- but you stay here- I will show you what’s in your heart’.
In the next chapter we will read of his calling- how God is choosing Saul to be the king.
But Samuel said ‘I will show you what’s in your heart’.
God called him- like us- before we were born- to fulfill a mission in life.
See- It’s already in our heart- even if we don’t know it.
In time God will bring you to the place of it being fulfilled.
Maybe you think the mission is about finding the 3 lost donkeys- but that was just part of the journey- to get you to the prophet [God’s word].
After you find the true calling- you need to get your ‘mind off the donkeys’ because it will hinder you from moving ahead with the true vision.
And when the meal is set before you ‘eat what’s left’.
The bible talks about sons being born ‘after the flood’ [Noah].
Often times God will bring you on the journey- and there might even be a flood.
You might come out on the other side- with just a few of you left [remnant] but go with ‘what’s left’.
Make the best of it- Isaiah said ‘more are the children of the desolate- then the married wife’.
Yes- in God’s kingdom- Floods- donkeys- they might be part of the journey- but when you get to ‘what’s left’- then enjoy the meal [the true destiny].
These are the things that are precious.
North Bergen- NYC videos

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
NEW- On the video I quote Jesus ‘the time will come- when those who kill you will actually think it was God’s will’.
In short- if I were to tell you this was you [huh?] and showed you- right now- would you repent?
I’ll do it right now- and bet you won’t.
We read in the letter of James that God’s word is meant to be read- to examine us- not others.
James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
James 1:23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:
James 1:24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

In the above quote Jesus was telling his men a day was coming- when people would think the killing of Christians- any Christians- was God’s will.
So- most preachers- Christians- and Americans in general would apply this to the radical Muslim.
Which is of course true.
But ahh- remember- you just read this- and applied it to another.
Now- There were a minority group of Christians believers- who went to a Christian church [an historic one] and practiced their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.
These were soldiers in the Iraqi army.
The U.S. thought their leader had bad weapons- and went and actually shot- bombed- and killed those minority believers.
And most of you think ‘it was God’s will’.
See- I bet you still think it was ‘doing God service’ and will not ‘repent’.
I told you so.

https://www.ewtn.com/padrepio/mystic/index.htm I talk about Padre Pio on today’s video- here’s a link about him.
https://ccoutreach87.wordpress.com/ephesians-highlights/ I mention Ephesians on video- here’s my study

https://youtu.be/p1RAPGm1TFE Revolution
.Isaac Newton
.French revolution
.Statue of Liberty
.John Wesley
.Time- Space
.Natural/Special revelation
.Great awakening
.Einstein- Unified theory

[past stuff]
In 1687 Isaac Newton published the bombshell book, ‘Mathematical principles of natural philosophy’ [Gravity].
It was a bombshell not only in the scientific sense- but for those who were looking to expel Christianity from society.
In France you had the Encylopedists- people who advocated for an atheistic world view.
In their minds- the Church was part of the ‘old world’ and as man advances- he needs to realize that the church itself is a hindrance.
Now- Newton showed us that the world [cosmos] operates more along the lines of a machine- with set principles- and not so much by ‘the power of God’.
This is a classic mistake that many make- they look to the natural laws of ‘nature’ and say ‘see- this explains everything’.
Actually- not.
But anyway- the French revolutionaries wanted change- and change they got.
Near the end of the 18th century- emboldened by the American Revolution- they stormed the Bastille- and it was the beginning of the age of Progress.
The Bastille was a former fortress- that became an infamous prison in France.
It was believed that many freedom lovers were held captive there.
Actually- upon breaking in- there were only about 7 criminals held- but it still became the standard for Revolution.
King Louie tried to institute reforms- but they did not go far enough.
Eventually Napoleon Bonaparte takes control- and he tried to form an agreement with the Catholic Church.
The Catholic Priests and churches were attacked during the time of the French Revolution- and the great Notre dame university had a lady representing ‘reason’ on the altar.
The churches were turned into ‘houses of reason’ and girls dancing in the streets represented a sign of Liberty for the French.
But the liberty they were talking about was not in the same sense as the American Revolutionaries.
The French were being ‘liberated’ from Christianity- as well as the oppression of the nobles and Priests.
So- the famous gift from the French to America [1886] the Statue of Liberty- might have meant something a bit different than what we understand today.
The statue itself was of the Roman goddess ‘Libertas’.
The church came thru a period where they showed how reason and religion do not contradict one another.
Many of the great thinkers/philosophers were indeed believers.
Yet some in Christianity felt there was a danger in too much reliance on reason and rationality.
We refer to this as Pietism- Men like Philip Spener and Count Zinzendorf played a role in helping believers return to a more spiritual communion with God.
The famous Methodist founder- John Wesley- was effected by the witness of the Moravian Christians on one of his journeys back and forth to America.
Wesley and George Whitefield were coming to America and spreading revival by their preaching- on one occasion John Wesley was on board ship- the seas were rough- John feared for his life.
Yet he noticed the Moravian brothers had no fear.
He later asked them why they seemed to be fearless at the possible point of death.
They told Wesley they had true assurance they were saved by Christ-and there was no need for fear.
Later John Wesley had an experience at a meeting on Aldersgate St. – they were reading from a Romans commentary- notes from Martin Luther.
And the story goes Wesley felt his heart ‘strangely warmed’ and he saw this as a conversion experience.
Wesley never intended to start the Methodist Church [as his movement later became known in the states] – he simply wanted to revive the ‘dead faith’ of his fellow Christians in the Anglican Church.
Yet eventually- thru men like Francis Asbury- the Movement Wesley started would spread thru America and eventually become a separate denomination.
(790) SAMUEL 17- David goes down to the battle front and hears Goliath mocking God. The Philistines are confronting Israel and they have their champion giant [almost 10 feet tall! Like the Roman emperor Maximus, he was huge] Goliath. David hears the enemy challenge Israel day after day and he decides to take him on. Saul tells him ‘you can’t do this, you are too young and inexperienced, he is a man of war from his youth’! David insists that he is able, he killed a lion and bear while defending his father’s sheep, why not ‘this uncircumcised rascal’! Saul says ‘fine, hears my armor’. David tries it on and realizes it’s not his style of armor. He goes back to the simplicity of a sling and stone. He goes out to the battle, Goliath can’t believe his eyes ‘did you send me some mammas boy with a stick? I am not some dog that you can tame with a stick’! Oh really? David says ‘sir, not only will I win this thing, but I will remove your stinking pagan head from off that 10 foot frame and feed you and your buddy’s carcasses to the animals’! Old Saul must of been thinking ‘what in the world did we get ourselves into’? Sure enough the battle begins and David runs up to the giant and sinks a stone into his head. He stands over him and severs his head with his own sword. Now the poor Philistines heard the whole conversation and didn’t want to hang around for the rest of David’s mission statement to be fulfilled. They fled! Israel pursues and has a great victory. A few things; David show us the necessity and simplicity of warfare. Jesus taught the disciples that they had what it took to carry out the mission. He warned them not to fall for the wrong headed idea of ‘God has called us to start an organization, and the organization will accomplish this noble task’. After all the years of befriending and working with the homeless and down and out. I realize that many well meaning believers will see the needs of people, but then want to ‘put on Saul’s armor’ to effect change. Try and start another mission ministry, or make others aware of the problem. I have found the biggest need to be that people are simply not willing to actually give their time and substance and get involved. Jesus told the disciples ‘don’t think you need a lot of extra equipment for this, you are the equipment. No special appeals for funds!’ [Message bible]. We get lost in trying to put on Saul’s armor [lot’s of complicated ministry ideas] when Jesus says ‘just use the stone and sling that I have given you’. The church of Jesus needs to realize that the power to effect society is in the hands of simple followers, truly the meek will inherit the earth.

SAMUEL 18- David is accepted by Saul and seen as a hero. Upon his victory over the giant all the women begin praising and worshipping in the streets with tambourines and musical instruments. Why this exuberant awakening of the women of Israel? It seems to me that David’s skill as a warrior/worshiper brought a degree of

NEWS- http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/07/18/slain-officers-touching-facebook-message-days-before-death.html

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ On YouTube Channel [VIDEO]

http://www.kztv10.com/story/32458447/search-continues-for-missing-driscoll-k-9 Here’s the ‘fake’ dog I mention on today’s video


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