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Local cases of corruption in Corpus Christi

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https://youtu.be/nHWaScvMvwE Hannah Overton- Mark Skurka- CCPD- Carlos Deluna

ON VIDEO- [Hannah Overton- Mark Skurka- CCPD- Carlos Deluna]
.Making of a murderer nephew released
.DA Mark Skurka
.Catholic woman I met at flea market- shot by CCPD
.Mike Morton
.Carlos Deluna- who were the CCPD detectives that lied in this case!
.What is biblical law
.Hannah Overton case- where’s the accountability?
.Retha Cable quits DA office- hired in Kleberg County
.Where’s the final report on the shooting death of Judge Tom Greenwell in the Nueces county courthouse?
NOTE- I was going to add this to the next teaching video- but let’s let it stand alone.
I cover cases- in Nueces county- that showed criminal activity in the local DA office run by Mark Skurka.
It came out IN COURT this year that Prosecutor Retha cable was retaliated against by Skurka [A CRIME!] Yet- she just quit and joined Kleberg County.
It came out IN COURT that CCPD detectives got a witness to lie in a murder case [Valent] it came out in the Hannah Overton case that the DA lied in her trial.
The women prosecutors in that case admitted to doing wrong [I think one was Sandra east wood?]
In the famous death trial case of Carlos Deluna- whole books were written about CCPD lying IN COURT that there was no ‘Carlos Hernandez’-
He possibly was the actual murderer in this case.
The CCPD said Carlos Hernandez ‘was a figment’ of Carlos Deluna’s imagination.
Yet- it was later found out THEY LIED IN COURT.
Because Hernandez worked as an informant for the CCPD.
Deluna swore he did not do it- even on the day he was executed.
Now- case after case after case of open criminal activity- and yet they run rampant in Nueces County.
So- just to inform the public- Nueces County is still ranked 2nd most corrupt- in the nation.
Where’s the final resolution of the shooting of Judge Tom Greenwell in the court room?
2 national media organization reported on this- in a way that said it looked suspicious.
The sheriff said he would release a final report- where’s the report?
The Catholic woman I mention on the video- her judge was Tom Greenwell- she told me she thought he was murdered.
This is the woman I ran into at the trade center- a flea market off spid-
At the end of our talk- she showed me multiple bullet wounds [really]
I asked her ‘who shot you’.
Her response- CCPD.
I went ballistic.
I talk about her case on the video.
So- mayor- Commissioners- all of you- where’s the accountability in Nueces county?
How dare you promote Corpus Christ as a city that’s progressive?
An entire documentary was done on the Hannah Overton case- it won an award as an independent film
The whole movie was about corruption in Nueces county- how a woman was tried and convicted- and wronging was admitted later by the prosecutors in her case.
The medical examiner said Skurka misrepresented his testimony.
In the Gaytan case- a witness stood up- IN COURT- and said the DA wants him to frame Gaytan.
How can you promote this city- when you are aware of this?
The CCPD chief finally gave in to public pressure- and is ‘willing’ to change the hours of the domestic violence unit of the CCPD.
We had many women murdered in Corpus Christi in the last year- and the CCPD unit was closed- ON THE WEEKENDS!
Yes- sad- but true.
Under extreme pressure from the local media and public- they are now ‘willing’ to open the unit- for some hours- on the weekend.
So- watch the video- deal with the issues- and let’s have the Justice department come to Corpus Christi Texas- and do something- because the local government will not.


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