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brief history of C.C.

A brief history of Corpus Christi
https://youtu.be/OV72Q35siKw The church
https://youtu.be/TwJXOfOwXA0 Number 2
https://youtu.be/nSI9OtUmNeE Number 3
https://youtu.be/wm6MIIQ_G9Q Candy crook

All of these cases were made known to the pubic this last year- thru the media.
Many were documented in court-
They show a young Hispanic kid- Gaytan- sent to prison for life on the testimony of one witness- named Valent.
In court it came out that the witness was coerced- by the detectives- with the collaboration of Mark Skurka.
Those who read the case- everyone- knows the boy is innocent and was framed in the classic sense of the word.
Yet- Mark Skurka is fighting to keep this boy in prison- for the rest of his life.
He would prefer the boy stay in prison- then for his reputation to be effected.
How is this justice?
It’s criminal in the eyes of God.
I talk about the Hannah Overton case-that made it to world media- why?
One of the classic cases of corruption in the DA’s office- that’s why.
A documentary was just released ‘until proven innocent’ and won awards- and is being compared to the Netflix series ‘making of a murderer’.
Because it showed absolute criminal acts by the DA’s office- acts admitted to by other prosecutors in that office- who have since moved on.
I mention- again- about a CCPD officer who has a history of planting Xanax [on vets] assaulting [mugging] citizens.
I have given the names before- and the CCPD admitted he does this- by telling one of the victims ‘we promise he will never do it again’.
Yet he did do it again- and often [as of now I have no idea what he does].
So- what we see is a level of criminal activity- in the system here- equal to none.
For those new readers of my blog- none of this is new- and all of this has been ongoing in Corpus Christi for many years.
They seem to accept it- and think it’s ok to put a Mexican in prison- with false testimony- and t let him stay.
That’s just an acceptable level in Nueces County.
And those looking to come to this area- have no idea this goes on.
I called for DA Skurka to step down- and let Carlos Valdez run the office until the upcoming election.
Because all of this is on public record- from judge Nannette Hassets court.
It’s very rare to have that type of evidence.
But we have it.
So- instead of having to make documentaries- write books- spend 30 years to exonerate a Michael Morton.
How bout the DA and CCPD try something new?
How bout they simply do the right thing.
That would be best.


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