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History of corruption

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z4YMWFiwNE History of corruption

I talk about the many cases that I have reported- now for about 10 years.
Time and time again- these things were reported- to no avail.
You saw a friend on video this last week- he told me that an officer said ‘disappear- or I will make you disappear’- that’s a death threat.
And I sent letters about it to the mayor and commissioners- nothing happened.
A friend of mine was jumped at a local store- he later found out it was retaliation by a ccpd officer.
Later the supervisor of that officer told my friend ‘we promise he will never do it again’.
Yet- that same officer drove to his house- here in Turtle cove- and told him ‘we caught the guy that beat the shit out of you- sent him to Aransas Pass’.
They put him on notice- that they are indeed aware of the assault- and the cop will do it again- with the full knowledge of the city leaders- if he has to.
I GAVE ALL THE NAMES BEFORE- The city leaders are all aware.
So- this might give you some insight into why I get upset- the city operates a criminal organization in my mind.
Who retaliate- harass and assault actual citizens.
I also speak about a neighbor in Turtle Cove- the city has racked up thousands of dollars of fines against their property- thru code enforcement- they have targeted them to make them move.
It is a widow and daughter who live in the house- the husband died.
I just found out about them 2 weeks ago,
Their home is paid off- they are not behind on taxes [as far as I know] they have been targeted thru code enforcement- to leave the area.
I know of no city in the whole USA that allows all of this to go on- besides the false testimony cases I have covered – where the DA and cops have lied and suborned perjury- it all came out in the media this last year.
Yet- they are simply an unstoppable force in this area- who will target you- assault you- run you off the road-
And yes- even lie in the Hannah Overton case- use false testimony- retaliate against their own prosecutors- and just keep rolling.
It’s absolutely criminal-
And they have no intent to stop.


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