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The Plane

SUNDAY- 3-5-17
LEAVING NEWARK- https://youtu.be/SHB-_droE-0
.Delayed an hour on the tarmac [Pilot said we were waiting for something from the mechanic- no joke- and he was frustrated- he said ‘we are still waiting for him folks- don’t know what’s taking him so long’- you could tell he was mad]
.Good view of NYC skyline
ON THE WAY- https://youtu.be/qukDahhJvF0
.Waiting for turbulence
.I got to the airport about 5:15 am- my flight didn’t leave till around 9. I heard them call for boarding on the gate next to me- also going to Houston. They were supposed to depart at 7:30 am. So I got a transfer for that flight- cost me 75 dollars. That’s the plane that was delayed an hour.
A LITTLE TURBULENCE- https://youtu.be/2KM5DzDGcQ0
LANDING HOUSTON- https://youtu.be/rniLWgULR6g
LEAVING HOUSTON- https://youtu.be/PDGFqbtNT00
TO CORPUS- https://youtu.be/DDNeccJnZJI
ALMOST THERE- https://youtu.be/gshW0A0OV78
LANDING CORPUS CHRISTI- https://youtu.be/RBxzeFElHrU


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