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Corpus Christi Police [brief history]

3-27-17 Corpus Christi Police [brief history]
https://youtu.be/MMJmDNGIUNs Hear my words that I might teach you
https://youtu.be/u9Dg-g7t2l4 The song-
.The effect
.Eric Garner
.Chris Rock
https://youtu.be/mAjRex3Rf1w Parable continues
.A gang
.How are they financed?
.Did cop just pull up to me?
.what is targeting?
https://youtu.be/qKHV4bjTojw Huge problem
.7 cop cars- 2 cop motorcycles
.Cop gets restraining order
.Cop makes threat- and carries it out
.Can firefighters be arsonists too?
https://youtu.be/uQK_JwPJO7k History of crime
.Cop makes regular threats- ‘that’s the way they do it John’ [Christian lady told me this]
.These are the few I know about- maybe 1 percent
.Chief Markle
https://youtu.be/ajTWFMlj3sA For the record
.Put the cop- and his victims- on the stand
.Scene of the crime [again]
.They don’t even follow ‘street law’
.Crimes committed against the homeless
.We need a civil rights investigation in C.C.- abuse of the homeless
https://youtu.be/NejU7cqrEKk Bill Walker
.Fight club?
.History of violence
.Chinese restaurant
.Who’s ‘packing heat’?
.SPID and Waldron- shot fired



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