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Thursday 6-29-17

THURSDAY 6-29-17

Jim Lago- Dan McQueen- Local stuff [D.A.]


.2 lost dogs on highway- should I take them?
.Caller times ‘’ is 2017 the year of the big hurricane’’?- yes indeed
.Dan McQueen’s new book- yes Lago- it looks like he’s staying around
.Lago said on his show ‘’is he still here- if I were him I would leave’’
.Code enforcement- again
.Fire inspector
. ‘’What happened with the dogs on the highway- did they get run over?’’ – well- if you watch the video- you will see

[Posting early today- have a wedding to go to tonight- hopefully you will see some video of it the next day or so]

Note- My friend Don had a code violation last year[high weeds]- he was in the hospital at the time- getting a giant cancer tumor removed- yet- he had to fight the city in court at the same time.

He has not fully recovered and is receiving treatment for another severe illness-
Yet he is being threatened by code enforcement that he can not even live in his own home- there are many other real crimes- meth houses- etc- yet the city targets people like Don- sad indeed.

Jim lago- I live in the same neighborhood as Jim Lago- I tell a story on the video- I think Lago sent the letter to me- and possibly others in Turtle Cove- that’s why you see Lago on today’s post- and I added some more comments below-

Talked about the case that D.A. mark Gonzalez will personally argue in court.
At first- I couldn’t figure out why he decided to try the case himself-
It was the hit and run of Andy Heines- http://www.kiiitv.com/news/local/fatal-hit-and-run-suspect-a-no-show-in-court/451626267
A local man- and active in the local community.
The man who hit him- Alexis Derise- has now been charged with manslaughter- normally a hit and run is not charged this way.
The D.A. mark Gonzalez has said he will seek the maximum.

Derise is a sex offender- and it seems as if the family of Heines has spoken with the D.A.
The only problem I see- is it seems like the DA is making this judgment- based on the fact that Heines was a good man- and Derise someone who we would care less about.

I don’t care personally if you put Derise to death- if it was done out of a sense of Justice.
But it seems Like the new DA is trying to shake the image of his former life as a defense attorney- and going easy on crime.

If that’s what is motivating the DA and not a true sense of justice- I think he should in no way try this case.
D.A.’s do try cases- normally big ones [multiple killing- etc]
But for the new D.A. to make such a big case- out of one that most of his prosecutors could easily try- it seems like there is a personal motivation to it.

And that would be just as unjust as a defendant who was guilty- getting off by a high powered defense attorney.
Yes- in scripture there is no mandate for a good defense lawyer to get a client off- if he is guilty.
There is also no mandate for a prosecutor- at all.

I taught this before.
In the biblical system of law- you did have judges- elders- who cases were brought before.
But you had no role of prosecutor or defense lawyer.

The victim [or family if the victim is dead] brings the accusation.
You also have witnesses and the defendant tells his story.

But there was no prosecutor or defense attorney.
In today’s system you have them- some are good- some are Christians.
But if either side ever falsely convicted someone- or got someone off who was guilty- that too is considered wrong- sinful- and a crime.

Yes indeed- the law of God has no room for the games played in our current system.
There is justice- there is mercy- there is forgiveness.
But to overcharge a case- because a DA wants to shed his former image- is wrong in the sight of God- even if he thinks he can win the case.

If Mark Gonzalez ever got a guilty person off- and he knew he was guilty- he will give an account to God for that- he- and all other defense attorneys who did this- will be held liable in the sight of God.

I have read about the case over the last few years- and Alexis Derise is certainly not a good man.
But to charge him with manslaughter- the same type of charge that many gang member’s who shoot other people- are some times charged with.
This shows me that the new DA might be motivated by a sense of insecurity to shed his former image- and tattoo on his chest- proclaiming NOT GUILTY.





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