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Murder case- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbDRky6aycA&t=1s
.Jack Ruby
.The bird story- got him off

Banales- Celis https://youtu.be/9stKKYo5zVo
.Catholic charities
.Judge Manuel Banales and the money laundering connection
.Carlos Valdez
.Sandra Watts and Missy Medary praise Manuel Banales
.Drugs in the courts

Banales- Celis- Money Laundering case https://youtu.be/3hXIG5MAEaM
.Mexican drug cartel connection in the Nueces courts
.Judge Manuel Banales
.Judge Sandra Watts and Missy Medary speak highly of Judge Banales
.Prostitution sting
.Car wreck one of a kind
.They just killed a blogger in Mexico [also known as the sister city of Corpus Christi]
.Unreported homicides in Corpus Christi
.Kirk Stowers
.I was told the sanctioned hits will always go unresolved- either because of direct payoffs to the authorities- or because of blackmail [Meaning connections in the courts/cops to the Mexican drug cartels out of Mexico- and judges connected to people who launder money]

Judge Manuel Banales- step down from the bench https://youtu.be/_rIEdIYamTM
.Prostitution sting
.some people are in prison- for seriously injuring a pedestrian and going off the right of way- on the first offense
.If you cripple people- on 2 separate occasions- even if you are doing the speed limit- but go 1 foot off the road- you can get up to 35 years.
.Judge Manuel Banales did all of this- and got a ticket- less then I got- when I had an expired inspection sticker
.His victims and their families suffer till this very day from their injuries

Judge Manuel Banales- step down now https://youtu.be/DQIUbEAhteY

City of man https://youtu.be/WVnTAtkLjqA
.The Banales- Celis connection
.Official oppression
.There are victims
.Corpus Christi
.I have a question for you Judge- can you answer it?

Has Banales contacted the Mexican drug cartel to take me out? [Kill]

In summary-
I ask- Judge Manuel Banales- have you ever had any illegal contact with the Mexican drug cartels?
Are you presently involved in any illegal activity at all- whether it be money laundering-hiring a hit man- or any number of things associated with money laundering and Mexican drug cartels?

Is the report in ElDefensor true?
They report that a witness testified that handcuffs were put on you in a local prostitution sting- and then when others showed up- they covered for you.

I doubted these reports at first- the same report said you severely injured 2 men in 2 car incidents.
I checked- and yes indeed- it was true.

You ran over a homeless man by city hall- and you also severely injured a Tx. Dot worker.
This made me think there is validity to the report on ElDefensor.
The same paper that reported the solicitation charge- if this is not true- please let us- the community you are supposed to be serving- know.

Did you- or any associates threaten the lead investigator in the Celis case- who recently said he would plea the 5th in that case- and 2 charges were dropped.
Is your involvement with Celis related in any way to illegal money laundering?

Did you take kickbacks- money- or any other favors for your past rulings in your court?
Are the rumors of corruption true- or not sir?

Will Judge Sandra Watts and Missy Medary continue to praise Judge Manuel Banales- knowing his history?
Will they continue to run for these positions- even though they have associated themselves with his value system- showing their close ties to Judge Banales.

Are they aware of any of the above?
Are they in any way involved in the Mexican drug cartels that do indeed have an influence in our community?

Will Nick Jimenez and the Caller Times continue to advocate for the judge- instead of his victims?
Our community is in one of the worst corruption crises in the country-
The facts of the last few days have shown us this.

We have come thru Hard times- Hurricane Harvey- power outages- water boils.
But all of these types of problems are different- they are not harm caused by corruption within Corpus Christi- a type of harm that seems to never leave the victims.

Those who have been victims of either police brutality or official oppression.
These victims never go thru a ‘clean up’ process- because those in power continue to be a threat to them and their families- like a Cat 4-5, that never seems to go away.

One of the news articles I posted showed a fear in the legal community to speak out against Judge Manuel Banales- the reporter stated this himself.

should a judge have such a reputation of corruption within his own community that others are afraid to speak?
Are we living in the Duke of Duval days once again?

No- we need transparency in local government- we need a community that does not live in fear of those in authority.
All creeds-races- religions should feel welcome in Corpus Christi.

Yes- I have been mad- and I think someone needed to be.
Down the road- there is hope for this city- but we need to be honest about the history of corruption in our area-
It has been well documented for many years.

I find it sad that some of the most vocal critics of Judge Banales- were other Hispanics themselves.
They saw the bias- they saw the things we have spoken about the last few days.
They were the most vocal-

True healing does not come when some in the Hispanic community cover up for the misdeeds of other Hispanics- because they want a Hispanic to rise.
Yes- I want good people in office too- whatever race they are- but its wrong to cover up corruption in order to simply side with someone of the same race.

There obviously are good Hispanic judges- as a matter of fact- I have been more critical of Sandra Watts and Missy Medary for their support of Banales- then any other judge- besides Banales.

It’s not a race thing- its a corruption thing- its covering up the crimes of those in power- and not holding them accountable.
In the end- lets pray for this community-

Because we sure do need it.

One last note Judge- if all of the above is true- the connections- money laundering- all of it-
As you know- I work with guys on the street- many have had a past that sadly involved things like this. But I try to help them find a new way-

I realized I haven’t added any bible verses in this post- but one comes to mind as I type- it says of the virtuous woman of Proverbs ‘Thou excellest them all’.

So I guess that would fit- if all the above is true- then yes- you excel them all- amen

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