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MONDAY [roll out]

FBI investigation into Trump- [More videos below]

[I realize it is not an FBI investigation- but what is called a special prosecutor- but I think it sounds better- also- this might be the last one for today- I just got off my roof- and I’m loaded with roofing tar as I type- yes I’m doing the roof]

I realize our country [USA] is divided- but I get mad when I see the media purposefully overlook some tragedies [examples on video] while joyfully covering others.

It’s the game that many in the country see as ‘fake news’.
I talked about the current investigation into Trump- not that there are not some valid reasons for it- but the actual history of how we got here.

Fake reports given to the FBI [Russian Dossier] how these fake reports- paid for by a political party [DNC] were used to illegally obtain warrants on U.S. citizens-


And how the prosecutor in the present case- Mueller- had his own horrendous history while heading up the FBI
It was his agency- that had Intel that could have stopped 911- yet this info was not shared with the CIA.

Mulleur was heading up The FBI when this happened- possibly one of the worst dereliction of duty examples in the history of this country-
Yet- this same man today- is on a so called righteous crusade- which was enabled by fake Russian documents- paid for by a political party-

Then these fake documents were handed over to James Comey- former head of the FBI-
Then James Comey’s friend becomes the lead prosecutor [Mueller] and it was these fake documents that were used to get the warrants on private citizens illegally-

And yet the main stream media will tell you none of this.
So- that’s why I made the first [and only?] video for the day-
Just because the main stream media- aka fake news- will never tell you what I just did…

North Beach- https://youtu.be/0EKx6Zu51eQ

[Ok- I made one more]

As I was checking the news- I read an article about Bob Mueller- I was not aware of his history.
He tried a case against the Hells Angels- and lost the first time around- the jury system obviously believed Mueller was not telling the truth about the defendants [which means they believed he was lying].

He tried the case again- and got 5 convictions- all of which were later overturned-
The article stated that it was obvious the snitches Mueller used- were lying against the Hells Angels- a jury believed this mind you.

Did Mr Mueller knowingly coerce these jail house snitches to lie?
If so- that is indeed a crime.
I also saw in the article that Mueller was the same FBI director who went after the wrong man- for 7 years- in the infamous Anthrax cases.

The man he went after- Hatfill [I think I said Cahil on the video] said he was Innocent all along.
I remember the coverage of the case- and how Mueller ‘leaked’ Hatfill’s name- to put pressure on him and his family- who were all innocent!

Eventually Hatfill settled for around 6 million dollars because Mueller ruined his life-
Did Mueller go after his family too?
He has in other cases-

Right now their are media reports that Gen. Flynn is cooperating because Mueller threatened to go after his son.
Sad indeed if true.

The real Anthrax person of interest killed himself- because Mueller botched the entire investigation- http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/01/06/anthrax.ivins/

I heard Trey Gowdy say that Mueller’s investigation already violated the law by the illegal leaking of the grand jury indictment against Manafort-
Which is a crime- did Mueller have Knowledge of the leak?

If so- this is a crime.
When I made the first video- I was not aware of this history.

I will link the article from the L.A. Times below.
But these cases show a history of prosecutorial misconduct by Mr. Mueller-
It is illegal to coerce witnesses to lie on the stand- and the L.A. Times showed that this might have happened in the biker case.

I have read reports that Mr. Manafort’s wife was frisked- in bed- by Mueller’s men when they made the arrest.
They entered Manafort’s house by picking the lock at 2 in the morning and put their hands on his wife- while in bed.

If this report is true- then we need to know if the agents were female-
Or if they were men doing this at 2 am- with the present atmosphere of sexual harassment claims- then the public has a right to know if these agents touched Manafort’s wife in a sexual way.

The history of Mueller is now highly questionable- a sitting senator has called into question his actions- and the L.A. Times has showed us a past record that hinges on crossing the barriers of law.

I do believe it is time for Mueller to step down-
When a liberal news paper believes wrong has been done thru out the history of someone who has been in law enforcement- then it is time to find someone with integrity to take over the job.

That time has come- we call on Robert Mueller to step down immediately in light of these new reports.

Hopefully he will do the right thing this time around.

[Also talked about Net Neutrality and a few other news topics]-

I made the video’s below the other day-

Here are some news links-


[Below are the ones I made the other day]

Homeless man- https://youtu.be/ndbyMHe20tw

Brief talk- https://youtu.be/dtA56K3RmTQ

Jerome- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IckgCiOiGxg [I made this one a few years ago in NYC- thought it would fit here]

I was on my way out of town- and as I stopped at a store I saw a homeless man out front. He was acting out a little- kind of showing the public that he was ‘nuts’?
But I walked up to him and started talking.

You see him on the video [homeless man] but he didn’t want to talk much on camera.
He did ask me if I would by him lunch- I did.
I noticed that the man serving the meal seemed to resent me buying lunch for the homeless man.

Both the homeless man- and the food server- were Black.
It just seemed strange that he resented serving him.
We went outside and hung out for a little while- you could see the brother open up- sort of like he has been treated badly- obviously people see him- and he gets a response of rejection- so I think he plays into it.

We had a good talk- as we sat out side I noticed a cop car pulled up to the front of the store.
The store was empty for the most part- I got the feeling that the manager called the cops.
As I was thinking where to tag these brief videos- I remembered one of the first homeless men I met on the streets of New York City a few years ago-

Sure enough- I found the video-
That’s Jerome.

I also found it strange that I was not feeling well this day- but as soon as I saw skip [that was his real name- he said Bruce Lee as a joke] I felt better.
I mean it was noticeable- even to me.

Jesus said ‘if you do it to the least of these- you do it to me’- [Which just happened to be the verses from the Catholic Mass for this Sunday- I reviewed them Friday night- the day I ran into Skip]



PAST POSTS- I just searched for Tower 7 in my past posts- the below links showed up- I guess I talked about 911 on these links- I talked about 911 on one of the video’s posted today- Monday 11-27-17-


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