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LinkedIn not good at all


Beware of LinkedIn https://vimeo.com/253086630
https://youtu.be/5CTE4MVUykA [Why 3 videos? Believe it or not- Youtube refused to upload this video- the next day they published it- after I already uploaded it to other cloud sites- Hmm? I guess the big boys stick together?
LinkedIn is like spyware! https://youtu.be/A16ejVXfJlI

Update- I have checked the policy of this site [LinkedIn] Yes- as hard as it is to believe- if they can not contact you by email- they will indeed delete all your posts- that’s there policy. I know of no other reputable firm that does this to be honest. LinkedIn does have my main email [G mail] as well as multiple ways to contact [Phone- etc]. But they had no response from a former Yahoo account- and that’s why they deleted about 5 years of work. For those who do use this site for business- I just think you need to know this upfront.

As I did my own ‘forensic examination’ of LinkedIn- I have come to the conclusion that they Make Trump and the Russian hacking look like child’s Play!

Ok- I did make a Sunday Sermon video today as I left the Corpus Christi Cathedral- and you will see that post next week.

I’m a few behind at the moment- I hated to waste an entire post for this- But I was worried if I even used the term ‘LInkedIn’ and added to a regular post- it would corrupt my entire Post!

So I added it here as a brief update-
God bless all- John

Yes- even Linkedin- you certainly need some sort of blessing- as millions will now flee your site- [or maybe 10’s? I do tend to exaggerate a bit]

Why so mad?

The last month I have been testing various cloud sites- as well as other web based platforms- some are good- some are not.
I learned that the ‘good’ ones are usually the most common names you see in the industry- the pro’s.

Out of all my sites- some take up a huge amount of storage- those are video sites.
Yet- you have a free amount until you reach a limit.

On pure text based sites [no video] the amount of storage is very minimal- meaning a reputable firm should have no real reason to delete text based posts- with links in them [Though you could upload video to LinkedIn- I don’t- the posts they deleted took up hardly any storage]

Though these posts don’t take up space- because of the many links in them- they take a lot of work.
In short- there was no real incentive for LinkedIn to delete about 5 years of work-
And the last day as I have been posting my last few to linkedIn- each time I log on- I see their constant ads ‘John- start building your network- you only have 3 posts’- [connections]

That’s because you deleted about 2 thousand of them!

So- hopefully I will post soon- and shake the dust off my feet.

Why another post?
I want to get the word out- on many sites- as soon as LinkedIn sees these- they delete them.
LinkedIn is designed [supposedly] to network professionals- but what you look at [on any site] is how they themselves are doing it.

For instance- the business model they used here- is a very low standard [as explained above]
The incentive to keep text based posts on any site- is high.

In my case LinkedIn has someone who puts the time in to freely advertise their site- because I link to so many other sites [not just Facebook and twitter]-

So on their side of what they do- the better business model would be to attract this type of ‘free’ advertising-
Of course the last few posts are not what they are looking for.

But it tells me that they are not worthy of the reputation they are trying to instill.
Frankly- this simple post can actually help their program.
I just gave them good business advice- which they need.

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Thanks- John.


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