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MONDAY The Russian hoax and it’s deadly aftermath-

The players for this post-

John Brennan
Samantha Power
Bob Mueller
James Comey
Andrew McCabe
The media

Minor roles-
Peter Strzok
Lisa Page

3-18-18 News- CCPD tweets me- ABOUT A DEAD MAN! https://youtu.be/5neHZqhseUA

3-18-18 Their defense [Comey- MCcabe] known liars- have taken notes! https://youtu.be/AdjUyfPDldM

3-19-18 Brennan- Facebook- Did Samantha Power threaten Trump on Twitter?
Bob Mueller owes first responders an apology https://youtu.be/AS2US0z43yo

3-19-18 Austin bombings- Mueller- McCabe- Facebook- it’s not what the media is saying [Real windy- hard to hear] https://youtu.be/ouzBJHBRgCs

I made these videos the last 2 days.
I usually just tag them to the teaching post- but decided to put them all on one post.
I talk about the tragic Austin bombings- today we had number 4.

I talk about the Bob Mueller incompetency that let the real anthrax scientist run free for years- because he focused on the wrong guy.
Which put the lives of many first responders on the line- because of Mueller’s utter incompetence.

I talk about the utterly disgraceful tweet by John Brennan- against a sitting U.S. president.
I talk about the tweet Samantha Power posted- which to me- seemed like an actual threat against a sitting U.S. president.

I did post a comment on Brennan’s twitter feed.

So hopefully I’ll post these links soon.
I have the teaching post done [Colossians 1] and will post that tomorrow- God willing.

Question for Bob Mueller [and the rest of them]

If the FBI had more ‘boots on the ground’ in Austin Texas- if they put the money wasted on your investigation- on the ground in Austin- would the odds of preventing more bombings go up?
You bet they would.

If you- Mueller- were not so utterly incompetent in targeting the wrong man in the anthrax debacle- would that have allowed more firefighters to actually save lives- because they would not be responding to so many false anthrax calls?


Would that have saved some first responders from the 1050’s [Car wrecks] they got into while making the runs?


And even prevented the deaths/injuries from these wrecks?


So the incompetence of you and those in the media this last year- so called righteous warriors for ‘truth’ have actually hindered the real boots on the ground.

It’s sad to see the corruption in the upper levels of the CIA- FBI- etc.

When it’s the hard working men and women who are suffering for their incompetence.
We just had another bombing in Austin- I have family that live there- more first responders will be putting their lives on the line-

And if you put the same time- money- and effort into the tragic Austin bombings as your doing into your non stop Russian collusion obsession-
Then yes- more lives would be saved.

If the Brennan’s- and Samantha Powers got off their high horse- people who themselves have been corrupt in their dealings- then the country could focus on the real problems.

But no- the media and some in congress will now go after Facebook and Zuckerberg- for what in reality is nothing- but they will make it into something.

Brennan- a man who has lied to us and the senate- will continue to view his sins as ok- while tweeting away in the same offensive manner that he accuses the president of.

Mueller will continue to look for the real ‘Anthrax scientist’- or real Russian colluder- even if there is no ‘there- there’.
So yes- we see the criminals of the former administration not only get away with their crimes-
But continue to tweet- threaten [Power] and investigate [Mueller] even if it drains resources from the real jobs the men and women on the ground need.

Yes Mr Brennan- I think your tweet against Trump fits more than Trump- if you look close enough- it might even fit you.


I talked about a few issues today- there obviously are many more we can discuss.
The Tweets I read from Power- Brennan- they deserve an FBI inquiry without doubt.

Miss Powers seemed to be making an actual threat against a sitting president- and implicated whatever knowledge she has- to never mess with Brennan.
Investigate the woman.

The last few days McCabe has ‘leaked’ that Comey was indeed behind the illegal leaks to the media.
Both Comey and McCabe should be indicted without a doubt.
The media has falsely reported that 50 million Facebook users have been hacked- their private info broken into.

This is an absolute lie-
The firm they are referring to is one of many that have used PUBLIC data of Facebook users in this way.
There is a minor question about an App the firm used- that’s about it.

The NY Times actually praised the Obama administration for the same basic thing in 2013.

As I drove to San Antonio I heard the local news report that San Antonio is sending extra resources to help Austin- like I said on one of the videos today.
Mr. Mueller has shown himself to be tunnel visioned in past cases [anthrax] and this ongoing investigation should be shut down.

The collusion many thought was there- is not.
Yet he charged Flynn with lying to the FBI- he plead to a felony.
The same crimes that these top investigators have themselves Committed in these very cases!

Are we- the public- idiots? Do we have to sit by and wonder ‘will Trump fire him’?

The man should step down of his own free will- the investigation is over- he has now overstepped his legal authority given to him to ONLY look into possible collusion with Russia as it relates to the past election.

But he has charged others with crimes that have nothing to do with his mandate-
Does he realize his job is done- but is actually wanting Trump to fire him?

The public- whether left or right of the aisle- are not idiots.
But the media play us this way.
Any honest look at what has been going on now for a year- tells us its time to wrap up the Mueller probe.

His history- which I spoke about today- tells us he is not qualified to end it on his own.
Comey broke the law when he knowingly leaked notes to the NYT- to get this investigation going- and Bob Mueller is a close friend and ally to Comey.

All of this is simply not acceptable in a Democracy.
And yet- these same corrupt people continue to tweet- write books- and speak of themselves as some noble warriors of truth.

They have escaped justice on the things they are indicting others for.
Mueller has now begun investigating Trumps private business- and past dealings that he has no legal authority to do.

Even the indictments he got on the Russians- his charge is actually not a crime- the wording he used to charge them- sounds good- but not an actual crime.
I could go on- but why?

We know enough now to see that both Comey and McCabe perjured themselves on more than one occasion.
McCabe claims he ‘slipped ‘while under pressure.

He was a career FBI guy- there is no way he ‘slipped’.
Yet Flynn did ‘slip’- agent Strzok’s messages revealed that.

Yet Flynn is now a felon- for life.
We- the people- call on Mueller to step down- enough is enough- end the ‘damn’ thing!

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