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PUBLIC SAFETY WARNING FOR CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS! Exposing the rampant criminal corruption in corpus Christi Texas.
Did CCPD cop rob the bank?


Bank robbery update

Did CCPD steal the gun- and lie about it?

The South Texas crime syndicate- bad cops!

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NEW- 11-21-18
Today I will make a ‘special post’- the last few days I have been speaking on subjects- and actual events- that speak to the unbridled criminal corruption in Corpus Christi and South Texas.
None of these events are new- except the possible bank robbery that happened yesterday- by a CCPD officer.
Note- I say POSSIBLE- Because the picture looks like a cop I know personally.
But either way- all the other accounts about the actual criminal activity from local law enforcement are indeed true- and have been documented by me before.
It was reported to me that a person handed over a cell phone to mayor Joe McComb which had child porn on the phone.
The phone belonged to a CCPD cop- the same one who seems to look like the bank robber.
It was reported to me that the mayor contacted Chief Markle- and the cop said the phone was stolen- yet did have child porn on the phone.
It was reported to me that the cop was demoted from detective to patrolman because of SOME STUFF on the phone.
How can SOME STUFF deem a demotion- yet the child porn was never investigated?
I also talked about incidents involving me and my children- yes- how local law enforcement repeatedly broke the law in targeting my kids!
This was documented by me over the past few years.
All the incidents I recounted today on the videos are simply my own personal experiences with CCPD-
I have no idea how many other criminal acts have been committed by them and other law enforcement in the area.
I do believe south Texas- Corpus Christi- is a real danger to those thinking of moving or starting a business here- there are many reasons besides the ones I noted in his short section.
I think I added the right links to the right videos- I posted all these videos the past 2 days to both facebook and Youtube.
Yes- some might get offended at the language on some videos- but that is not my intent.
What frustrates me is this has been going on for so many years in Corpus Christi-
And my experience tells me that even if a cop did a bank robbery- the authorities in this city would do all they could to cover it up.
Or to have the guy retire- then maybe let it go away-
They have done this with others in the past.
This type of out and out rampant corruption and criminality is a real and present danger to any thinking of coming to our area- plain and simple.
There are many other instances I did not mention on these short videos- abuse of homeless- homeless being targeted and brutally assaulted by current officers on the department- on and on.
They all know who they are- some have risen the ranks- and I guess to them it is a joke?
Our city has potential- but until the citizens realize what a problem we really have in Corpus Christi-
Then we simply recommend avoiding the area all all costs.
To those who have children in the higher education facilities – we recommend transferring them to San Antonio or another area where they will be safe.
International businesses should look at other Ports to do business with- whether it be Port Lavaca just north- or true professional Ports like where I grew up as a kid [Off the Hudson river].
Ok- I need to post this as soon as possible-
P.S.- I have met the cop mentioned above- and his wife- multiple times over the past few years.
I don’t know them well- but I do know them. It was the officers wife herself that relayed the information about the child porn on the phone! Why? I don’t really know- but the cops wife was the one who said her husband [the cop] later said the phone was stolen and therefore they did not hold him accountable for the child porn. She too was the one that said her husband was demoted because they found other ‘bad stuff’ on the phone.
Now- how in the ‘hell’ do you think I should take this?- This is the same CCPD cop that looks like the bank robber? You tell me chief Markle?
He is also thought to have set his truck on fire- because he could not make the truck payments- I am not sure if he is being investigated for this as well- but if this is true- then arson would be another crime- besides all the others!

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