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Sunday sermon

Sunday sermon

John 16:12

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

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  Sunday sermon videos-



.Update- homeless friends

.Truth from desperation

.The prophetic Psalms

.The chronological history of the bible is important

.Old Testament review

.Prophets- Priests- Kings

.Tabernacle of David- what is the significance?

.The Scroll- The set time

TEACHING [Past posts below]

2nd Samuel 24   https://ccoutreach87.com/2018/12/18/2nd-samuel-24/  [Note- I mentioned this video/post on the Sunday sermon video- I figured during the week as I work on the posts- I would make a note to add this video to this post- but sometimes I forget to make ‘the note’- or just don’t have the time to search my sites- but as I was doing the regular posting during the week- this post was next in line as I posted the 2nd Samuel study- so I simply linked it now-


We can’t ‘do’ everything or remember everything that needs to get done- but as you progress in the mission- things fall into place. I have many gifted friends on the streets- they are talented in music- art- in many things.

At times I have told them ‘just do it- just start the journey- don’t wait for the perfect environment’ –

Ok- I am not sure as of now if I will have time to write a ‘new’ section before I post on Sunday- if not- this will be the ‘NEW’ section-


As you can see I didn’t get a chance this week to write a ‘new’ section- but I added my past teachings below- and even in the bullet points you can get a flavor of the theme.

I did manage to upload most of my teaching videos to 1 Drive- and all of the videos I have ever made are on my 1st Youtube site.

As the short note above say’s ‘Just do it’- I have had to learn all the tricks of doing web sites- starting new cloud sites- etc.

Trust me- I came late to the game- I didn’t even have an ‘email’ until a few years ago.

And yes- like many in my generation- we often don’t want to put up with the frustration of learning new things.

I have commented on the media- the social media world- and in our day we think ‘social media’ is mainly Facebook and Twitter.

We have seen people get banned from one of the more notable sites- and they think it’s the ‘end of the world’.

It’s important to understand that social media- or having an ‘on- line’ outreach is not limited to a few of the more notable names.

All the websites you see me on- they are free- I used to pay for Word-Press- but had to drop down to the free plan [Yes- I mad my ‘wars’ with them too- I do pay 7 a month for Medium as well]

I encourage you to look at the links on my sites- go to the site- and there is usually a link that asks you if you too want to start a site.

You can use the video cloud sites the same way- I only pay for 2 plans right now, and to be honest- the plans are very cheap.

I get 1 TB of storage for 7 dollars a month [1 Drive].

Why do I have so many sites- both video and text [web based] ?

Because it is foolish to simply learn and use 1 or 2 famous name brands- in the atmosphere we are in today.

If your using the internet to reach out- and some day your site gets removed- which has happened to many people this last year-

If you have multiple streams going out already-

Then you simply continue the regular routine of posting- and skip that site- no big deal- the others are already up and running.

So- I guess this turned into a ‘new’ section after all.

I encourage all of you to do this- to teach- post- write- make videos- the on line world and much of social media is actually a vast waste land.

Most of the stuff you see/hear has no real learning value.

We as believers have Good News to share- even the simple posting of scripture- has a positive impact.

I encourage all of you to be active in the work of God.

Ok- that’s it for now-

God bless all of you-


PAST POSTS [These are links and parts of my past teachings that relate in some way to today’s post- Verses below]

Galatians 4


But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. Gal. 4:26 [Some sites see here  https://corpuschristioutreachministries.blogspot.com/2021/11/sunday-sermon-text_28.html?m=0 ]
https://youtu.be/9HyckXRkq0I Galatians 4

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